A Neuro Physio Podcast: Prof Barby Singer


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Prof Barby Singer

“If somebody has spasticity as an impairment, you need to address that you can’t just sweep it under the carpet”

2.02 Intro

3.23 Barby’s varied career

4.40 Physios need to be educators

8.47 APA career framework

12.11 Rural specialist 

15.29 Clinical Mentorship in the new career framework

17.47 Industry shortage

21.04 Remuneration for advanced or specialist Physios

24.47 Advanced practice opportunities in neuro

26.19 Barby’s interest in hypertonicity & PhD

31.37 Anterior knee pain botulinum toxin

34.38 Spasticity definition & measurement

38.10 Hypertonicity management – where we’ve gone wrong

43.17 Role of serial casting

52.29 Working with PhD students

58.11 Episode reflection