A Neuro Physio Podcast: Helena Esmonde

Helena Esmonde

4.05 Physio training in the US 
5.00 State specific qualifications 
7.25 Career pathway 
13.10 Education in vestibular conditions 
14.40 Vestibular migraine “the cranky brain” 
19.00 Helena’s vestibular assessment 
25.50 Hyperventilation test 
28.00 Head Shake Tests 
30.05 Central signs 
30.50 Vibration Test 
32.30 Hyperventilation test again 
34.30 Infrared goggles 
36.10 Diagnosing in physiotherapy – US vs Aus 
38.40 Vestibular training programs in the US for internationals 
40.26 Helena’s business – Vestibular First  
47.00 Vestibular First Educational Hub 
51.00 Have Helena as your mentor 

Papers and References


Vestibular Courses 

Susan Herdman coursesuse google for courses in your area 
Emory –  https://www.emorydpt.org/ce-about-us/live-courses/ 
Sue Whitney – competency based training accepting international physios https://www.shrs.pitt.edu/pt/continuing-education/advanced-vestibular-physical-therapy-certificate-program 
Evidence CEU – online –https://evidenceceu.learnworlds.com/pages/home 
North49 Therapy  – Canada https://www.north49therapy.com/vestibulartherapytraining/img_5842/ 
Becky Bliss – Helena recommends for vestibular webinars. Runs courses via various US groups. https://healthprofessions.missouri.edu/personnel/rebecca-bliss/