A Neuro Physio Podcast: Dr Kate Scrivener


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Dr Kate Scrivener

kate s

“We’ve got to get the balance right between having support, having therapy and allowing stroke survivors to adapt and live their life

2.02 Intro – Work roles & life balance, neuro career 

7.17 Teaching Neuro

10.21 TRAIN modules

11.42 Career pathway

15.19 Stroke Ed courses – practical ways to apply stroke guidelines

19.44 Australian NSF guidelines – to what setting do they apply? 

20.44 Interest in rehab in community sector 

23.48 HiWalk project

28.19 Intervention research pipeline – basing research trials on intervention feasibility 

31.47 Interest in walking after stroke, PhD

35.48 We need clinical researchers

36.34 Do you need a PhD to be a clinician researcher? 

41.22 HiWalk intervention package

43.10 Are reps the best way to quantify dose?

52.11 Kate’s favourite ways to increase dose of therapy

55.36 Post episode reflectio0


Macquarie Uni profile 

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REPS app – download on Android or link TASK program website 

TRAIN program – A clinician’s guide to effective task specific training