A Neuro Physio Podcast: Dr Kim Jennings

Dr Kim Jennings

“The fact that there is tribalism in neurological physio…Our differences can be our strength”


3.00 Intro

3.30 Bobath career pathway

9.03 Working with culturally diverse populations

11.19 IBITA – Tutors around the world

14.30 Who are Bobath courses for?

16.40 How Bobath has changed over time

26.00 What is a clinical doctorate?

29.50 Kim’s research – Implementation of the Bobath concept

45.24 The lack of RCT evidence for Bobath

53.50 Personalisation of rehab

55.10 The need for more research  

1:08.40 Episode reflection

If you’d like to listen to more of an introductory episode on The Bobath Concept check out Janet Stevens from Season 1 

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Australian Bobath Training Association https://www.bobathaustralia.org/

International Bobath Instructors Training Association https://ibita.org/

British Bobath Tutors Association https://www.bbta.org.uk/

The Bobath Concept has Changed – paper in Journal of Physiotherapy