A Neuro Physio Podcast: Dr Sarah Milne


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Dr Sarah Milne

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“I’ll palpate and feel timing of muscles. I often palpate gluteal activity, someone could be switching off before they’re even in midstance.

2.01 Intro & career pathway

4.38 Friedreich’s ataxia

7.00 How is Friedreich’s ataxia different to the hereditary cerebellar ataxias?

8.36 Phenotypes in neurological conditions and the RCT paradigm

11.20 PhD results   

15.02 State of the Friedreich’s ataxia evidence

16.49 Ataxia outcome measures 

20.03 Ataxia assessment

24.25 Compensation vs optimal cerebellar functioning

27.00 What can imaging tell us about cerebellar conditions?

29.55 Treatment 

36.16 Efficacy vs Effectiveness, challenges of rehab trials 

39.23 Aquatic physio for this population

41.43 Episode reflection


Research Gate

PhD – 4 studies – Pilot rehabilitation trial for people with Friedreich’s Ataxia. Clinical audit of LL spasticity relationship with ataxia severity & function. Sensitivity of balance, gait measures and instrumented measures of gait & balance change over time.


University of Melbourne profile