A Neuro Physio Podcast: Dr Julie Vaughan-Graham


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Dr Julie Vaughan-Graham

” The Bobath Concept gives me a framework in which to apply the neurophysiology, to use that neurophysiology to understand the clinical presentation.

2.02     Introduction

2.41 Career pathway 

16.20 PhD findings – How Bobath instructors problem solve & clinically reason

22.00 Model of Bobath Clinical Practice 

26.48 Bobath and the RCT 

28.45 Applying the Bobath concept – Hemiplegic UL example

36.47 Using sensory cues in Bobath

43.38 Using the Bobath Concept is a skill to develop 

47.25 Neuroscience & Bobath

53.50 Movement diagnosis & hypotheses

57.53 Discrete interventions vs Bobath Concept (a framework of intervention)