A Neuro Physio Podcast: Associate Professor James McLoughlin

“You CAN do it all!”

1:31 – Intro                
2:56 – Career Pathway                                                                           
Multiple Sclerosis: 
11:08 – Walking mechanics    
14:30 Using orthoses
Motor control:
16:36 – Influence on clinical practice
20:25 – Robotics and the current landscape
24:00 – Professional development course
26:15 – Concussion
27:47 – Using Technology in rehab                                         
34:52 – Flinders University Master of Clinical Rehabilitation
37:58 – Raise the profile of the Clinician
39:35 –
Do physio’s need to choose a career path?         

References and Papers:

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            Buy it here through Amazon.com.au

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Flinders University


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