Season 2

Dr Sarah Milne

Clinician, Researcher, Clinical Expert
Friedreich’s Ataxia
Hereditary Cerebllar Ataxias
Challenges with research in small populations

Dr Julie Vaughn-Graham

Clinician Researcher, IBITA Advanced Tutor
Bobath Concept
Clinical Reasoning
Skill development

Dr Emily Ramage

Researcher, Co-design expert, Clinician
Secondary stroke prevention – PA, telehealth
World Stroke Emerging Leader

Dr Kim Jennings

Clinician, IBITA Advanced Tutor
Implementation of The Bobath Concept
Clinical Doctorate
Tribalism in Neuro Physio

Prof Barby Singer

Academic, Clinician, APA Honoured Member Hypertonicity
Post-graduate Education
 APA Career Pathway Framework

Dr Kate Scrivener

Academic, Educator, Clinician
Stroke Mobility Outcomes
Teaching Neuro
Therapy Dose


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